Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ellebe, Art Therapist, Compositor

Ellebe (pronounced Ella-be) is a grad student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (like CC!). We met her on her way to a performance downtown that features ten different eclectic exhibits. The first thing I noticed about Ellebe was that she was reading a graphic novel... about Batman - my favorite superhero. EVER... 
As an undergrad, Ellebe studied psychology and art. While studying in Arizona, she volunteered at an event called Art for Children with Disabilities, and discovered art therapy. Art therapy is much like any talk therapy, except that it uses art and imagery to evoke an interpretation of a person's state. It seemed like a perfect fit for Ellebe's undergraduate studies!
As we talked, I asked Ellebe about the graphic novel in her hand. It was Batman The Long Halloween. She's "pretty obsessed with Batman" (who isn't????!). Part of her love for graphic novels comes from the feeling of being 13 again. "This is where I like to go on the train," Ellebe explained (I love this idea). 
In addition to studying art therapy, Ellebe is a compositor at Tweedle Press, a sustainable print shop. As a compositor, Ellebe works on a letter press to put together letters and images. Most of her projects are often wedding invitations and images. Because everything is custom made, it can get pretty expensive to order just one print, so most people come for large orders like invitations. 
Like any artist, Ellebe dabbles in a few different types of projects. She's had experience making her own 6-frame comic strips (which took her 10 hours!) and has plenty of favorite artists. Recently, while in New York, Ellebe had the chance to see Kazimir Malevich's work at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), as well as many works from the Bauhaus movement. Take a look at them if you get the chance. :) 
Thanks so much for chatting with us, Ellebe! It was a pleasure to meet you. 

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