Monday, November 26, 2012

Irena, Sudoku Master

I met Irena (isn't she so cute?!) as I was waiting for the purple line. She was standing near the bench where I was sitting, and as she stood, she was staring intently at a newspaper in her hand. I noticed her and took out my camera, but as I was about to take her photo she looked up and smiled. I stepped up to introduce myself. 
"Hi, I'm Mariam! I hope you don't mind that I took your picture," I said. 
Irena smiled and said "I no speak English, only Russian." 
I mimed as I asked her what her name was.
That she knew. "Irena."
When I mimed to ask what she was reading, Irena showed me the paper in her hand. It was in Russian, but she wasn't reading at all. She was doing the sudoku (which, by the way, she had solved perfectly).
And with that, she said goodbye. It was time to catch her train.  

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