Monday, April 23, 2012

Tristan, Thomas, Joey, Natalie

We bumped into an adorable family today! Tristan (6 years old), Thomas (dad), Joey (4 years old, though he was hesitant and said three at first), and Natalie (mom) were all headed to a Cubs game to enjoy their weekend. We happened to spark a conversation because a prankster had colored in a poster to make it look like the person in the ad was missing their front teeth like Tristan! He lost his first teeth when he was only two years old, and bumped heads with a dog.
Tristan, Joey, and their parents seemed to be especially resilient Cubs fans, braving the weather and not minding the long time since the Cubs' last World Series win. Tristan matter-of-factly told me that the Cubs aren't a losing team, because they won the World Series in 1907 and 1908.
Tristan continued showering us with the most incredible baseball trivia. He told us that the original name of the Cincinnati Reds was the Cincinnati Red Legs. (He was close, but our fact-checkers...ahem Wikipedia... told us it was the Red Stockings). He told us, that he plays sports all of the time- basketball, hockey, football, soccer, you name it!
Though Joey is 4, and in preschool, he's not letting his school work slow down his sports career. Joey plays basketball, hockey, gymnastics, and even swims well. With such a hectic work load, it's impressive that Joey has managed to keep all of his teeth and avoid any other serious injury!
Joey and Tristan often bike around the city with their parents. They told us that Tristan took a class about reptiles and space (...separate topics, not reptiles in space... eek!) at Northwestern University in Evanston. He's even watched a few Wildcat games there!
We then asked the dynamic duo what they dream of at night. Tristan said that he dreams of Star Wars all the time. He makes up characters sometimes with light saber legs that can kill even the strongest Sith Lords! Joey said that he dreams of books a lot. He dreams of the stories he reads (I'm sure with mom and dad's help :P)
Finally, we asked Joey and Tristan what they wanted to do when they grow up. Tristan said he wanted to major in biology in college (like Mariam!), and then be a professional baseball, basketball or hockey player. Joey, didn't know what he wanted to do, but his athleticism, he might be an Olympian someday! 
Regardless of what they want to do in the future, Tristan and Joey will be sure to shine. They are such sweet, smart little boys with wonderful parents. We hope you guys had a great day at the Cubs game together! Thanks so much for the interview! We had a lot of fun talking, and hope we meet again.

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