Monday, July 9, 2012

Dearbhla, an Irish Girl from the Countryside

We met Dearbhla (pronounced Dur-vlah) on the fourth of July, amidst a sea of red, white and blue passengers. At first we assumed that she too was celebrating independence day with her blue and red dress, but soon we found out that she isn't an American, but a summer visitor from the Irish countryside...
This is Dearbhla's first time in Chicago and her first time in America since she came five years ago to visit her sister who was working in New York City at the time. Following in her sister's footsteps (and the footsteps of many young Irish citizens), Dearbhla came to Chicago to work for the summer. 
Chicago stands in stark contrast to Dearbhla's home in the Ireland. A country girl at heart, Dearbhla is often taken aback by the sheer size of the city and the continuous flow of people ebbing in the streets. The buildings often astound her with their height and the shadows they cast as they shimmer beneath the sun. 
In her four weeks here, Dearbhla has not had a chance to see many of Chicago's different neighborhoods, but she's enjoyed shopping downtown immensely. Her favorite store is Macy's at Water Tower Place because it's seven floors, which means you can buy anything and everything you could possibly want there! 
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Dearbhla finds Chicagoans to be more friendly than their Irish counterparts, especially when she is lost. :) Much love to all of you who are kind and thoughtful when you meet strangers. 
Hope you have a lovely last two months in Chicago, Dearbhla. Come back soon!


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