Friday, June 29, 2012

Bianca, Newcomer to Chicago!

Bianca hails from North Carolina and recently relocated here 3 weeks ago(!). Though she had lived in Charlotte for most of her life, Bianca felt it was time to leave and seek new horizons.... 
Now she lives with her boyfriend, who is studying film at Columbia College in Chicago, and works downtown at Nordstrom Rack. On her way home from work, Bianca watches the world pass from her window (I feel like most of us stopped doing that so long ago!). Because she is still unfamiliar with the stops and the neighborhoods, Bianca's cue to get off the train is a cemetery that she has grown to love because it reminds her of the cemetery near her home in Charlotte.  
I have a secret love for beautiful cemeteries too. Even though they can be a little chilling, they are a quiet reminder of life. When I occasionally ride the bus on my way home, I  see this cemetery. It's so pretty to see it next to Lake Michigan (although, to be honest, it is occupying prime real-estate). Honestly, I think I might like cemeteries because they remind me of James Joyce's best work, a short story called The Dead from his collection, Dubliners. It's a little long, but you should definitely read it if you get the chance. 
After talking about things we like (including an awesome band called Phoenix), Bianca and I talked about inspiration. She is inspired by family and by other people's stories. She hopes that here, in Chicago, she will find the inspiration that will guide the rest of her life.
Good luck, Bianca! I wish you well as you forge your way through the city. I hope you come to love it as much as I have. :)

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