Thursday, May 10, 2012

The One that Got Away

As you may know, the lighting on the train  changes rapidly as we pass buildings and fall back in phase with the azure sky. This day the light happened to create some wonderful shadows and elements of Film Noir or, better yet, Mad Men (which you must watch). I was so excited to see Brandon posing in this light as he chatted animatedly with is companion (unpictured), and only wished that he might be holding a cigarette and wearing a suit so that I could recreate a moment from the show (doesn't he remind you of Harry Crane??!). 
Anyway,  he had to get off just as I stepped up to interview him, but he did give me his email. Unfortunately, he never responded when I did contact him. :( If you're out there, Brandon (aka Harry), keep reading the blog... and email me back! I'd still be happy to feature you.  
And just for fun, here are some photos from behind the scenes of Mad Men and an article from NPR Fresh Air about the return of the show with its fifth season.  
P.S. As much as I love having Mad Men back on TV, I'm not sure I like the new Don... or Megan... but I love love love Peggy, Roger Sterling, and even wormy Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser (pictured below) is so good at his sleazy role!).

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