Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NBA Analysts: Greg and Jonathon

We met Jonathon (pictured left) and Greg (right) on the 'el' last weekend. They were on their way to Leaders, a rad clothing store downtown. Both Jonathon and Greg  are from Chicago and share similar taste in music. 
They're big fans of Lil' Wayne and Drake. I have to say, I love Drake's songs Take Care and Headlines. Aside from having great taste in music, Greg also plays the drums and the saxophone (I wish I still played an instrument!).  
Both Greg and Jonathon enjoy street art and graffiti (like our friend Nick!) so check out some more cool street art if you can (I find that stumbleupon is a great resource for such finds). 

As usual, we asked the guys whether they'd had any interesting dreams lately, and Greg shared a pretty peculiar dream he had. He dreamt that he was getting brand new Jordan shoes and all of a sudden started crying (in the dream). Although Greg is a fan of the Miami Heat (Greg, I can't believe your allegiance to a team of cry-babies!!!!), he suspects this dream may have been a result of watching a Bulls game. 
Jonathan (who is a huge Bulls fan and even got autographs at a Bulls vs. Knicks game), and I agreed that the Bulls losing would be enough reason to cry. Unfortunately it seems like there will be a lot more tears to come, considering Derrick Rose's condition (and of course Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson). 
Jonathan, as a fellow Bulls fan, I'm depressed. This playoff series was looking great. Derrick Rose was playing well, everything was amazing... and then fate stepped in to snatch him (after one game!!!) and two other players.  I still have hope that we'll beat the Philadelphia 76-ers and move on to the next round, but it's going to be an incredibly uphill and arduous battle. 
Okay, I'm going to be honest. Although I will give Greg credit for appreciating Dwayne Wade and the way he carries the team, I can't take it if anyone mentions Lebron James... I have only one thing to say about him (also see the photo below).   

After watching the Bulls players drop like flies, I can't help but hate the Heat even more. I want anyone else to win. Seriously. I'm becoming a Lakers (KOBE!!!!!), Pacers, and Knicks fan all at once just for the cause (but to be fair, I am from Indiana and I was born in New York, so I'm not really being treacherous to my team with those last two!). 
Anyway, have fun keeping up with the playoffs, everyone! And a shout out to D. Rose: I hope you come back better than ever next season. Chicago will be ready to cheer for our champ! 

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