Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Nick

I met Nick on the Red Line a few nights ago. The train car was empty. As a matter of fact, the entire train was sparsely filled. Though there were seats open, Nick stood on the train, statuesque -- or at least as statuesque as one can be on the rocking train car that all too abruptly brakes.  Because he was standing, I had to awkwardly interview him while I was train-surfing too (aka standing facing sideways, and trying to stand upright without readjusting my feet or stumbling into someone or even worse a glass pane!), so I'm sorry I don't have more photos of him!
Nick is only 17, and was in the city to visit friends. He's originally from Romeoville, out in the suburbs.  Nick wants to become a professional video game designer and computer scientist. He's an only child who loves art. As we talked, he told me about his favorite types of art; Nick's taste is incredibly fresh and modern. His favorite pieces of art are ones that show only the profile of something, giving you some insight to the subject, but leaving something to mystery (kind of like this photo I took of his reflection!). He also likes street art and unnamed, even anonymous pieces (I personally love Banksy!). 
I can definitely understand the profoundness that comes through in art that is not sought, but that invades and permeates the everyday aspects of our lives. It's the graffiti on the wall that you walk past everyday or the mural on the bridge you drive under on your way to work. You're not expecting it, but you see it so many times. Sometimes you see it and it seems so new and profound that you have to stop and stare, letting it wash over you like it is a wave of thoughts and feelings you had never imagined having. And other times you're so distracted that you completely miss it, even forgetting that it's there because it has become a fixture in your life.
Anyway, one of my other favorite street artists is Herakut. I've included pictures of two pieces that I like, and that I hope Nick will like. The first of them is part of a collection. Check it out!

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