Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before I had the chance

Since we've done a lot of "meet a passenger" posts this week, I thought I'd mix it up with a few photos and stories about people I photographed, but didn't get a chance to interview because they left the train too soon. The top photo is of a man sitting in front of me. The train was pretty packed, and he was really sweet and politely asked the woman in front of me if he could take a seat next to her. I was trying to get a better look at him, when I noticed that he has pretty cool hair, so I took a picture. Then he got up and got off at Fullerton. 
The next photo I took that day was of this really cool looking girl. I found her intriguing because of the way she was peering through the slot between the plexiglass and the wooden panel. I'm pretty sure she saw me. Anyway, I got up to sit next to her, and as I moved closer, she stood and exited the train around Belmont. I managed to get a picture of her from behind the plexiglass as she left. Alas, for opportunities lost... 
P.S. If I ever post about YOU as someone I have photographed, but not been able to speak to, feel free to contact me because I'd love to share your story! And if I have interviewed you, you're still more than welcome to contact me or leave comments. 
Till next time.

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