Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Jermaine

Over the weekend I was also lucky enough to meet Jermaine, a sweet 20 year-old guy from the west side/west suburbs of Chicago. Although he left Chicago, he moved back his junior year of high school and found the city more accessible and fun (there's really so much to do!). His favorite thing about Chicago is the lake, especially during his favorite seasons (fall and spring). And he's studying cosmetology at Tricoci University in Roger's Park.
So I love Jermaine because he's the middle child (of 4)... and he's taking his mom to the Bahamas over spring break. How sweet and thoughtful! (And of course, we're all obviously a little jealous - what a lucky mom!)
My favorite thing about Jermaine is his attention to detail. He too is a photographer, and totally sympathized with my qualms about approaching strangers. :) I'm pretty sure he definitely noticed me taking pictures of him well before I approached him to talk (How could I not take his picture though? He's so photogenic and has such rad glasses!). By far, the funniest part of our conversation was when he even noticed my long eyelashes and asked if they were real. For the record, they are.  
Thanks, Jermaine, for the fun conversation. You really brightened my day. :)

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