Monday, March 4, 2013

Cleavon, Birmingham native

Cleavon and I met as he was on his way to the south side of the city to visit his brother. Every Saturday, Cleavon takes the train from his home in Roger's Park to his brother's home so he can be closer to the church he attends on Sundays.  
Although Cleavon spends his weekends on the south side of the city, he loves the peace and quiet of the north and the proximity of his apartment to the lake where it is calm and relaxing. In the summer, he likes to swim in the lake (side note: Mohanned says he does too). Cleavon also loves action movies and gospel music.
As we talked a little more, Cleavon told me about his childhood. He was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama ( which is coincidentally where many of my cousins happen to have been born and raised!). His best memories of living in Birmingham are the years he spent living with his grandmother. Every time Cleavon returns, he finds it hard to leave to his family, as anyone would. As it so happens, Cleavon also has family in Indiana, where my family lives! I am always struck by the many similarities I share with the friends we make on our train travels. Thanks so much for sharing, Cleavon. It was so nice to meet you and find out how much we are alike.
Cleavon reminds me a little of my dad! :) 

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