Sunday, February 24, 2013

Salma, Former Endoscopic Nurse

We met Salma early in the morning. She was sitting quietly braving the dry, frigid cold weather that we have right now. Bundled up in her hat, coat, scarf, and gloves, she seemed to still be smiling through the harsh weather. She's originally from Indonesia, and has been in Chicago for 5 years. Salma admits that the weather isn't as nice and warm as Indonesia here in Chicago, she really likes the people and how warm they can be.  
Salma talked about how she used to be an endoscopic nurse in Indonesia and how she has traveled all around the world. Salma has travelled all around Europe and spent a lot of time in Germany. On the top of her wishlist of places to go, Salma would like to visit Cana'an/Israel. She's a devout Christian and wants to visit and travel throughout the holy land. What a beautiful trip. It was nice to meet you!

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