Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hassan, Nigerian Journalist & Taxi Driver

I met Hassan when he drove me to McCormick Place on Election Day. Rafi and I were carrying huge bags containing camera equipment, which Hassan noticed right away.  A journalist from Nigeria, Hassan came to America five years ago...
Since he's been here, Hassan has been working hard as a cab driver to support his family. In Nigeria, however, he worked as a radio and newspaper journalist, in addition to working for a governor near Abuja, Nigeria's capital. As we were talking, Hassan shared a photo of the governor with me (see below). 
Although Hassan knows that he may never have the chance to return to Nigeria to see his extended family, he has decided to stay here in order for his children to pursue a brighter future. He proudly told me about the way his children have flourished in America, particularly his eldest son who is now studying to be a pharmacist at the University of Iowa. 
Despite being so far from his family in Nigeria, Hassan calls them often. One day, however, he dreams of returning and working as a journalist again.
Thank you for sharing your story, Hassan. :) 

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