Friday, July 13, 2012

To Do & Check Out this Weekend

A few things to kick off your weekend in Chicago! And a few projects that, like Marooned,  are about exploring who human beings are and how we compose such a diverse and intricate fabric of stories and ideas... 
The first is called Humanae. The project is a "chromatic inventory" that reflects our different colors by referencing the PANTONE® color scheme. Each portrait is of a person with the background in the exact Pantone® tone that is determined by a sample of pixels from the portrait. Such a great idea! 
The second is called Just Here's Fine. A photographer takes a look at the lives of London cabbies. It's really interesting and so fun to see how different each individual cab-driver is. I always love how you can tell a little bit about a cab driver by the content of their car. Sometimes I try to imagine what my cab driver's life is like... then I usually ask and the trip ends up feeling too short! :) 
And finally... a cool way to explore the city this weekend. I think I'm going to try this! If you try it, shoot me an email let me know how it goes. 
Don't forget to check out The Taste of Chicago (my friend's band is playing!), Chinatown Summer Fair, and Bastille Day Chicago.
Have a great weekend! Perhaps we'll run into each other on our adventures. :)

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