Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jermaine, Graphic Designer & Art Enthusiast

You can't tell from these pictures, but Jermaine has the coolest earring ever. It's a hoop with a metal pyramid thing in the middle. I noticed it when I was sitting beside him and felt like it was a subtle choice that said a lot about his ideas of aesthetics...
During our conversation, I learned that Jermaine studied graphic design at the Illinois Institute of Art and is now pursuing a masters in art history. 
Picasso's The Old Guitarist
A fellow art enthusiast, Jermaine often finds himself at the Art Institute of Chicago. He is inspired by the works of Salvador Dali (surrealism), Pablo Picasso (cubism), and Claude Monet (impressionism). He finds that his graphic design is most influenced by Pablo Picasso's cubist style (which makes a lot of sense).  
Monet's Arrival of the Normandy Train
Jermaine's favorite author is Neil Gaiman, whom you know as the author of Coraline. What you may not know is that Gaiman also writes novels for adults, including Neverwhere and American Gods. Check them out! He also recommends Star Wars. :)
Dali's The Persistence of Memory
As always, we asked Jermaine if he has any particularly memorable dreams... He has a recurrent dream where he is trapped in a bank. We speculated on what this might mean, given that he's obviously not going to be robbing a bank, and came to the conclusion that he will either come into a great deal of money or should remove all his money from the bank. Hahahaha. :) Best of luck with everything, Jermaine, and thanks for your kind email.


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