Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mustachioed Joe

I won't lie. The first thing that drew me to Joe was definitely his awesome mustache. I have no idea how he maintains it. He says he only uses wax to style it, but I feel like it would require some more upkeep. Not that I know much about facial hair... 
Joe is living his dream as a freelance photographer. He prefers Pentax cameras (not Nikon or Canon! I, personally, am a Nikon fan. It's always nice to see a little flavor in people's preferences though).  
He loves punk music like The RamonesYou may think that you haven't heard them before, but you definitely have. Listen to the song below, and I'm sure you'll know it! 
He enjoys hockey and baseball, and occasionally makes it to a Cubs game (like Tristan and his family!) I managed to snag a photo of his shoes before we had the chance to talk, mostly because I loooooove Converse shoes. They're so fun and easy to wear with everything. One of my friends has about 12 different colors of them... but that might be a bit extreme. ;)
I'll wrap it up with one priceless photo that Mohanned took during our interview. I think Joe's mustache could really be a work of art. 
Thanks for sharing your story Joe! It was so nice to meet you and I hope you are well. 

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